Mixology license and a purple unitard

I PASSED! Pop the nine dollar champagne and open the Pringles, I have obtained my diploma and am now a legal mixologist.  I took the exam yesterday, and Friday the 13th proved to be a lucky and good day.   Twelve cocktails made in four minutes and thirty seconds!! Note: I am wearing a purple unitard. Let me explain. On Fridays at the Professional Bartending School, we have costume parties in order to create a "bar" vibe throughout the school.  Our theme for this weekend was Beach Party!!! but seeing as it was 30 degrees outside and I am the polar opposite of bikini ready, I opted for the role as "scuba diver." Goggles are not pictured, but they were there.


And since MacBooks reverse everything, here's the actual proof.


Afterwards, we drank Rumchata and Fireball in the tavern next door.  It was a good day.

The beginning, paired with green tea and a clementine

Oh, my. My current view: an overstuffed high school bedroom, a half-full (we’re off to a good start) mug of green tea, and one empty blog. If you are reading this, new friend, my gratitude is insurmountable. Cheers to the beginning!

Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm 23 years old, I have a penchant for writing and collecting nail polish, and I have a B.A. in Media Art.

I am, by no means, a graphic designer, which is what, in my opinion, media arts implies. My PhotoShop classes taught me how to paste my face on Hermione Granger's body, and that was good enough for me.  I studied media art in college because I, A) Liked the television industry and wanted to write scripts, B) Had a desire to familiarize myself with video and production equipment, and C) I wanted to be best friends with Amy Poehler. (Amy, if by some supernatural miracle you are reading this, I am not a creep. Drinks this week??)

Despite this, I was entranced by the the long lists of wonderful, creative classes in the course catalog and yearned to add more to my collegiate repertoire. I ended up also declaring a major in Theatre, which rewarded me with a fat Wadsworth Anthology and a plethora of gay drinking buddies. To add to that, and because I'm a masochist, I also picked up a third major in Creative Writing. I felt like a rockstar.  That is, until I graduated.

I am now living with my parents. I didn't immediately following college.  I had a four-month contract performing with the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire as an explosive-loving pirate.  I further distracted myself by jetting off to Portugal for a week with my best friend, Alex.  These last few months have consisted of comedic performing, walking, contemplating the definition of success, walking, perfecting an Irish accent, learning a bit of Portuguese, contemplating the definition of success, drinking a lot of wine, falling in like, thinking, and learning. The Renn Faire and European adventure have now ended, and I’m back in NoVA. My daily activities include watching Gilmore Girls while I sift through five-bedrooms worth of junk and maintain a metaphorical staring contest with my diploma.


So, what to do? Many college graduates without a strong sense of direction go running to grad school or the Peace Corps.  Not quite yet. For now, I think I will write.  And for the first time in long time, I will be writing for myself.  And for you too, lovely reader, if you decide to stick around. I promise, a recipe for something delicious and unhealthy will pop up every so often, as will as various creative ramblings and some (hopefully) humorous stories recounting my life’s misadventures.

Here goes nothing!