Tequila with lemon, cayenne, and honey ice cubes

When driving through the southwest, I lingered in the larger cities for the sole purpose of testing out Mexican restaurants. (This is likely the ninth time I've discussed my passion for Mexican cuisine, and it shan't be the last, folks.) The colorful interiors, the infectious energy, the salsa bars, and the laundry list of tequila drinks, were all things that make my heart thump like a bandurra.

In my opinion, tequila is one of the sexiest liquors. It's a dance beside the campfire, a drive around the red mountains.  We drank tequila in college, but the josé shots in my attic bedroom were nothing like the tequila I had upon moving west. No, this was smokey and smooth and that tequila was hangover-y. This tequila, this *new!!!* tequila was tequila that sang with the stars and skipped in the dust. 

Tequila is big in Los Angeles. So are juice cleanses. This city may lack clear roads and cheap gas, but you will never ever ever have difficult finding tequila or a juicery. Angelenos love to detox and retox and name their juices all sorts of sexy names, like cream party.

*note: the cream party is d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!!!! it's from juice served here. they aren't even paying me and I'm advertising for them because I love them that much. 

The hot lei is also a winner. It's reminiscent of that cayenne and maple syrup detox drink that Beyoncé apparently used to get skinny for Dreamgirls, but it's also got pineapple and agave. I've never successfully completed a juice cleanse. I've tried it a few times always accidentally ate everything. I could do a juice cleanse if it included the following things: cereal, tacos, chocolate, almond butter, red wine, gjelina take away, hemp milk, five dollar manhattans, sushi, and in-n-out. 

That being said, I love juices. I love the way they come in a million different flavors, I love the way the way their colors blend with one another to create a rainbow of vitamins and minerals. But what I really, really love is turning them into cocktails.

This cocktail is easy; simply freeze a lemon cayenne drink into ice cubes and serve with cold tequila and a tajin rim (Have you guys had tajin??? I didn't until I moved here, and then I exploded because it's spice-y, lime-y, sugar-y, and perfect). With the Mexican spice and ironic detoxing qualities, this drink is perfectly Los Angeles, and well paired with sweat and cutoff shorts. Campfire optional. 

Tequila with lemon, cayenne, and agave ice cubes

*if you want to make your own lemon cayenne juice, blend 1 cup of chopped pineapple with 1 cup water, 1 tbsp cayenne, 1 tbsp honey, and the juice of one lemon.  

Pour the lemon detox drink into an ice cube tray. Freeze for at least 3-4 hours, or overnight. 

Run a lemon wedge around the outer rim of two glasses. Pour the tajin into a bowl, and dip the glasses into the center, twisting them to coat each of the outer sides with tajin. 

Divide the ice cubes between the two glasses. Add 2oz of tequila and 1.5oz of triple sec to each glass. Serve with additional lemon wedges, if desired. 

16oz of lemon cayenne juice

4oz good tequila (olmeca altos is yum)

2oz triple sec

2 tablespoons tajin

lemon wedges






- stay cozy!