"Tastes like a sleepover" homemade reese's cups

I came back to Virginia for a bit. Last night Tina and I sat on the back porch until 1am, where we drank white wine in the black muggy air. I'm amazed at how dramatically the trees have grown since we've moved to this house back in 1995. It's beginning to feel like we're planted among a small forest. When you sit in the backyard now, you're completely surrounded. I like that. 

The summer is moving like it's on crack!! We leave for Rome (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Wednesday at 5pm, where I'm planning on indulging in Zzzquil and the New Yorker until it all kicks in. When I wake up, it'll be nothing but vino tinto and gelato and bike rides. I've spent the last few months attempting to relearn my college Italian, so lets hope the locals can understand my shakey "Dov 'e vigna, per favore?!" I can hope my experiences matches that of Hillary Duff' re: The Lizzie McGuire Movie. 

Before flying back to Virginia so that I could fly to Italy, I made peanut butter cups. I remember these being the coveted Halloween treat. They possess the perfect chocolate-to-PB ratio. At room temp, you can puncture the smooshy center circle of peanut butter out through the top and finish with those adorable pleated ridges. Occasionally I keep the mini ones in the freezer and eat them without sitting down or shutting the refrigerator door. 

I brought these into Toms and kept them in the back fridge alongside the cold brew and free samples of Perrier. We ate them on a slow Sunday when customers were out of sight, standing in the doorway and munching on these gems of childhood. They taste like piñata explosions, the school lunch after Halloween, and a Fourth of July parade. 

homemade reese's cups

I just pumped out this recipe on Wanderlust, along with other childhood delicacies (cool ranch dorito popcorn and fruit roll ups, hello!) //

I'll be blogging while I'm out there, but in the meantime, I wrote about delighting in your body for the Five Tattvas. And I know I'm about to go to Italy, but these FRENCH APRICOT MACARONS! Eep!

Listening to Damien Juradao and thinking of road trips and long walks. I like looking out plane windows, so I'm looking forward to that.