"June-y isn't so gloomy" black cherry/vanilla iced tea

A few days ago I called my parents, feeling homesick for a back porch bloody mary and Saturday morning trips to the local patisserie (croissants and boozy tomato juice go hand-in-hand), and thought fondly of Virginia summers. As if answering my prayers, Los Angeles has responded with a sudden wave of humidity that has curls frizzing by the fistful and condensation on the walls of every vinyasa class.

Not that I'm complaining. I love when the stereotypically sunny city of Los Angeles melt into something new; it's like everyone is in complete awe of the weather. It becomes all we talk about it. "Hey, did you see, it's cloudy today?" Or, "Woah, how weird was that raindrop?" For a minute, everyone forgets about who was in _______ or what ________ is wearing and just looks up at the sky. It's kind of adorable. 

Even though Los Angeles can be fairly consistent in it's delivery of sunny and seventy-five style afternoons, there's still a degree of unpredictability when it comes to Mother Nature. For instance, earthquakes. You can't predict that shit. All of the sudden the earth starts moving, and you just have to hope and pray it's not going to hit a San Andreas fault sort of level.

It's a nice metaphor for teaching us to roll with the punches, play with the cards we're dealt, and making lemonade for when life tosses us a handful of lemons. Oh, speaking of lemonade, how about some iced tea??!!!

With the exception of my international friends, most people are welcoming in the summer months, aka the perfect season for iced tea, lazy afternoons with friends in hammocks, and sitting in the backyard examining the beauty of your naked legs. This lemonade is made with green tea (energy!) and black cherries (superfood!) and all sorts of other yummies. The taste is sweet, tart, and dark, as if you were to run out into a summer storm with your heels digging into wet soil. The lightning above lights the way, and the roll of thunder provides badass melody.

Cheers, to those summery nights, unexpected rainfalls, and black cherries. It's summah-time!

Find this recipe on Wanderlust, along with one for Indian Mango Black Iced Tea and Dandelion, Lime, and Pineapple Iced Tea. //

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 - Stay cozy!