"Coachella" champagne soaked strawberries

After months of dancing to Jenny Lewis in my pajamas and lusting over giant astronauts, I am happy to report that Coachella is here!!!!! (Well, this weekend, but Lil' Ray and are in a non-stop text conversation, discussing sleeping pads and walky-talkies and the desired storage temperature of boxed wine...) Come Thursday we will pack Caroline with camping chairs and flower crowns and head off with our San Francisco caravan, mentally prepping for a week of little to no sleep and lots and lots of headbanging. 

Festivals and fairs are activities that have been enjoyed for a looooooong time. I remember them taking place in the the parking lots of community centers, and featuring cotton candy and ferris wheels with shoddy craftsmanship, but they've been around for much longer than that.  Everyone loves to walk (often in costume or, if you're in a 60s county fair, an adorable red-and-white checkered dress and oxford shoe combo), taste the treats, ride the rides, listen to the music, and converse with strangers. The first fairs took place in Rome, as a mini-vacay for everyone to drink wine and party hard. Then came the fairs of of the Middle Ages, which had more emphasis on God and less so on alcohol. Then the whole idea began migrating throughout the world, and now we have Burning Man, the Holi Festival , and Tomorrowland.  Woof! What a collection! 

Rachel and I will be camping, therefore surviving off of granola bars and beef jerky and these champagne soaked strawberries. It seemed appropriate to have something that would A) be celebratory and B) provide some sort of vitamin. Besides, when I think of the medieval fairs or Renaissance festivals, I imagine the knights drinking mead and the gypsies drinking grappa. The fairies drink champagne. The bubbles fuel them for flight. They need something airy to keep dancing and plucking daisies. 

So my fellow flower child and myself, I've prepped these little sugar bombs. Some people like to pat them dry and dip in white or dark chocolate, which sounds amazing, but not very realistic for a three-day camping trip in the desert. But if you're throwing a celebration and if you've got access to a fridge, but all means, go for the chocolate.

champagne soaked strawberries


2 pints of fresh strawberries

1 bottle of champagne


Slice the green bits of the berries. Place the berries into a large mason jar, or other storage container. Pop your bubbly and pour it on top of these lil' red guys. Cover and store overnight, or for up to three days. (Best served a day or two post prep.) 

If you aren't dipping the berries in chocolate, my friend  Simon recommends adding a drizzle of balsamic and a sprinkling of cracked black pepper. (He just had a book released, which everyone should check out! Simon has a brilliant way with food and words.)  These are best eaten under the stars, beneath a tapestry, or in the parking lot as you're waiting to go through security. ;)

Okay. I think I'm packed. Until then, I'll see you in a few days! I'm especially excited to these boys, this guy and this girl and also, also (fingers crossed), this song