afternoon paddycake party

It's my last night in Cincinnati after eight weeks chasing 4pm.  This city is best when it's gray, alive when on Halloween and you sneak down to a basement drum set for cold air kisses. Over the river and through a highway jungle gym sits a street of bourbon bars. Bring a friend because glasses sound like Christmas ornaments when they clink. 

Anyway, Brianna and I had a paddycake party! With coffee/wine/socks/dresses/cameras....

Holiday season and we're inhaling fumes from vegan chocolate chip cookies (coconut oil, win win win), drinking cheap merlot during our 3pm happy hour. 

I never ate Skyline Chili, but I did eat up Saturday afternoons at the library, followed by RYE CHAI. 

And you haven't run until you've made your way around a mirror lake, which is now an ice skating rink with a blue flag floating in the wind (that means it's safe). 

Oh oh! I wrote about road trips.  And one of my one-act plays will be featured in Ink Festwhich will go down this April. It's a celebration of female playwrights, and I'm looking forward to sharing my voice. If you like vampires (and making fun of vampires), you might like what I have to say. 

Note: And if you want a big meal with big healthy things, white bean soup wins wins wins every day. 

As for musical choices, this song was featured in Scream, and it's not very seasonal, but I like it all the same. 

Happy holidays? I'm watching Game of Thrones for the first time ever so honestly I don't even know what time it is.  (DON'T SPOIL ANYTHING!) 

XO andddd

- stay cozy!