minneapolis, minnesota

Hello and hi from the midwest! I showcased my southern californian self the other night as some friends and I wandered home from a warm irish meal at Kieran's. It was a slight 40 degrees, and while I was hustling down the street in my big coat and circle scarf, there was a man walking around in SHORTS, and he said to me, "cold, isn't it?"  Yes sir. I was cold, thank you for noticing.

Anyway, it's likely a good thing that my tour partner and I have now landed in Ohio. Minneapolis weather, though beautiful, completely defeated me. 

But the cold was well worth the rest of the city. The midwest, and Minneapolis especially, is great. People start conversations in the elevators, the coffee shops play Elbow and The Decemberists, and you can get a happy hour drink for under five dollars. (PBR IS ONLY TWO!!!) 

AND THE CHEESE CURDS! Oh, the cheese curds!!! I ate my first (real) curds at the Sever's Corn Maze. In addition to the maze's corn pit and zipline, they cheese curds so authentic they may as well have come with an accent.  These babies were nothing like copycat cheese curds, those nubby little mozzarella sticks parading under the curd title with a cape of shame. No, these are clusters of melty cheese surrounded by a crisp batter made with beer, flour, milk, and corn oil. They are artery-clogging, soul-warming, lactose-ridden, bites of heaven. Sort of like if a funnel cake and a wheel of cheese got frisky in a deep fryer. But I digress.

I'm working with the National Theatre for Children as we tour around Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to perform SPACE STATION CONSERVATION. It's really adorable and fun. We spent last week rehearsing, living in hotels sans microwaves and refrigerators,  and spending our evenings exploring the local restaurant/bar/coffee shop fauna. Now that we've made our way to Ohio, we've settled in the coziest of condos, complete with floor length windows and a family of baby chipmunks. 

But mostly what I've been attempting to do over the past few weeks is pay attention. I feel fortunate to be able to witness a sky that is slightly closer to canada, foreign fast food restaurants, and a different genre of Americans. Inspiration comes in the quiet moments of a coffee shop, or while combing my hands through a pile of corn kernels. 

until next week. 

-stay cozy