kid food

Children ask good questions. Weston is most curious in the car, and often uses this time to unload some of the thought that he’s gathered from earlier that day. The things he asks are insightful and sweet, causing me to rack my my brain for answers as I make the drive from theatre camp, to nature camp, to get grocery store donuts. The questions range from the simple: “why are cars only one color?” to the more difficult: “God can beat anyone up, right?” 

The other day, after our mini pizza party, Wes asked me, “What is a personality?” I tried to answer as best I could, and the two of us, plus eight-year-old Dylan, spent dinnertime searching for adjectives to describe one another. This is what we came up:

Wes: Cute, tough, smart, brave, funny, nice, loving, adorable

Dylan: Artistic, smart, funny, cool, nice, happy, creative

Amanda: Funny, silly, goofy, good cook…(!!), weird, and kinda-a-kid and kinda-a-grownup. (Their words, not mine.)

I’ll forgive the weird thing for the good cook comment. Then again, I had the advantage of having previously spoiled the two munchkins with homemade shell and pizza faces. Do you remember Shell? A classic of the 90s, Shell was the chocolate sauce that froze instantly (!!!!) when you dribbled it on top of ice cream. Once poured and solid, you would tap-tap-tap your little metal spoon onto the cold, smooth crust and watch the cracks form. It made a perfect topping to any flavor, and added an extra level of magic to the already splendid lil bowl of ice cream.

Unfortunately, Shell is full of artificial things and chemicals that wreak havoc on small bodies. And while I’m a firm believer that some foods feed the soul while others feed the body, adding all that extra crap into the diet of a five-year-old isn’t such a good idea. But don’t worry friends! There is an alternative. And it’s simple and delicious and pleases mommies and babysitters and kiddos alike.

I found it on Mundane Morsel, where it was called “It’s Magic,” so let’s just call it that. “It’s Magic” is made from two very simple ingredients: Coconut oil and chocolate. Any chocolate will do, though I prefer semi-sweet. It’s this simple.

“It’s Magic

Makes about ½ cup

-1 good 3.5 oz good chocolate, broken into chunks

-3 tbsp coconut oil

In a microwave-safe dish, combine the two ingredients. Microwave in thirty second intervals, stirring in between each beep, until the chocolate is melted and glossy. This can also be down in a double boiler, but I am impatient and dishes are a hassle, so you know.  

Let the sauce cool for about 15 minutes before pouring it over ice cream and adding sprinkles.

The best part of this experiment is when you finally make that drizzle. All three of us clapped our hands in glee, as memories were both created and relived. The glossiness spun a web of ice cream-related moments, from Dairy Queen dips to fourth grade sleepovers.

The leftovers can be used on frozen fruit or cold pretzels. Simply add sprinkles (for me, this is not optional), and place back into the freezer.