Thankful for David's wonderful family for providing us with sticky toffee pudding cake, campfires, cornhole, the fluffiest bathrobes ever, and a home for thanksgiving.

Thankful for the girls of 1373. 

Thankful for roads and not always knowing where they lead.

Thankful for the honest people in my life, who listen to me bitch and moan and then cuddle me up in a warm bread loaf.

Thankful for bluegrass bands, wooden floors, and the power of music. 

Thankful for the ever-changing landscape of California.

Thankful for my mother, father, and brother, and all of the love they shoot across the country in special family energies. 

Thankful for the people who read this blog. 

Thankful for hotel rooms and midnight batman cupcakes. 

Thankful for friends who wait up all night for me with beer and biscuits.

Thankful for words.

Thankful for little girls who believe in their inner and outer beauty.

Thankful for homemade pizza and a floury tabletop. 

Thankful for adventure, and that it's always there for me.