Saturday morning links, plus a cranberry muffin

Good morning all. I'm reporting from my bed, which after five nights of sleeping in foreign locations, feels very, very good. I take it for granted sometimes, and this newfound gratitude is likely the reason I'm still here.  (The picture below is from a Sunday, actually, but I love a good cranberry muffin pic.) 

Rather, I've been perusing some of my favorite literary journals, catching up on a stack of magazines, and taking in the quiet comfort of it all. Tangerine tea is a great sidekick.

Saturday morning links! For your own perusal! Praise, praise, praise! 

// I've decided to find the best ramen in Los Angeles.

Let's talk about these adorable drink stirrers and how they make me think of animal crackers. //

// Red wine bread?! Eeep! Wonderful. 

And also peppermint ice cream with hot fudge from David Lebovitz. //

// Embrace your language and story with these tips on writing creative nonfiction. 

This scene from Beetlejuice will put you in the best Halloween mood ever. //

// And photos from a Kentucky brunch warm my heart. 

Sarah Ruhl has the perfect words, as usual, with this monologue from Eurydice. //

// This family of six lives in an airstream, travels the united states, and captures the essence of autumn. 

Until then, I must peel my way away from cotton sheets in order to bend my body in all sorts of fun tangles. Cheers, and happy Saturday!

-stay cozy